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Studies on Long-Term Adverse Events in Pharmacoepidemiology - R. Duijnhoven

The detection and assessment of long-term adverse events associated with the use of medicines is difficult. Nevertheless, with...

Publicatie | 20-01-2017

Communicating Risk Effectively (CORE) study - S. Piening

To assure continued safe and effective drug use by patients, effective communication of identified safety issues to health care...

Publicatie | 20-01-2017

Geographic variation in efficacy and generalizability of pharmacological treatment in schizophrenia - T. Mattila

Placebo controlled randomized clinical trials are the preferred method for testing the efficacy of pharmaceutical compounds....

Publicatie | 20-01-2017

Statistical and methodological issues relevant to regulatory decisions - J. Tanniou

Statistical evaluation of drug regulatory submissions is both increasing in importance and complexity. For a regulatory...

Publicatie | 20-01-2017

Clinical pharmacology: generic formulations - Y. Yu

After patents of a branded drug have expired, generic versions become available as alternative. Generic drugs are licensed...

Publicatie | 20-01-2017

From research on rare diseases to new orphan drug development - H. Heemstra

In the EU rare diseases (N=5000-8000) are defined as life threatening or seriously debilitating diseases that occur in less...

Publicatie | 20-01-2017

Treatment adherence in hypertension: methodological aspects and new strategies - HAW van Onzenoort

Hypertension is a major risk factor for the development of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, and continues to be a major...

Publicatie | 20-01-2017

The context of medicines’ use in benefit-risk evaluation - M. Willemen

Disease severity and co-morbidities may modulate the vulnerability for the development of adverse drug reactions. Especially...

Publicatie | 20-01-2017

Agenda 871e Collegevergadering

Vergaderstuk | 18-01-2017

Verklaring van belangen - Prof. dr. P.A. de Graeff

Medewerkers van het CBG, inclusief Collegeleden en externe deskundigen, mogen geen financiële of andere belangen hebben...

Publicatie | 10-01-2017